One of the Off Broadway's season's funniest; Star Treatment

Elaine, the unchoosy "chantoosy" of Jack Heifner's play, can scarcely cope with anything. Self-pity runs rampant as the lady tries to get her act and her disorderly romantic life together. Elaine's petulance and self-indulgent tantrums defeat the versatile June Gable, as they would probable defeat any other actress.

The two current men in her life are agreeably played by Allan Carlsen and Conan McCarty. As for long-suffering confidant, musical director David Lewis coaches, cajoles, and accompanies her from the piano in several Janis Ian songs. The show at the lion theatre was staged by Garland Wright, with a gloomy black-on-black setting by John Arnone).

In fairness, it might be noted that Mr. Heifner's "Vanities" is approaching its fifth Off Broadway anniversary, that it has had several overseas productions , and is reportedly the most frequently performed work in the annual French catalog.

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