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Dear People of China: This is a letter of love that I am sending you. Men and women with your patient faces, Little children with your bright eyes, How could I not love you? I am an American, and what you perhaps call a capitalist. Need that be a barrier to love? It does not hold back mine. Of course there are many differences between us. The traditions of our countries are different. There are differences even in our features, And in our languages and religions. But how much more we are alike! Alike we are born to suffer. We laugh and we cry as only men can do. Shall fellow-men be divided by ideologies? No. No. They shall not be so. Of course, "coexistence" has great difficulties. Even men who have a common country, Who speak the same language, profess the same religion -- Even such do not find mutual understanding, mutual trust too easy. Yet the greatest barriers are not insuperable. Let us strive to learn to live together. You may know bad Americans. There are such. But there are also here friendly, right-meaning people Who want to help make the world better for everyone. There are bad people and good people, I suppose, In every country. Let us be patient with one another, And even patient with ourselves. We have a long way to go. So let us hasten along the road, The road of human tenderness and generosity. Groping, we may find one another's hands in the dark.

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