Look back at Israel's birth; Decision on Palestine: How the US Came to Recognize Israel, by Evan M. Wilson. Stanford, Calif: Hoover Institution Press. $14.95.

Within the next two months the US government expects Israel and its Arab neighbors to agree on the terms for a permanent and comprehensive peace to end their 30 years of war.

Until this happens, there can be no safe and secure political system binding together the oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf and the US. The Muslim countries south of the Soviet Union are deeply suspicious of the US, and have been ever since Washington brought the state of Israel into existence in violation of its own repeated commitments to the Muslim community.

Any student or interested observer of the Middle East will want to get and have at hand for reference this book on the history of the coming into existence of Israel and the role the US played in it. Author Evan Wilson is a recently retired US foreign service officer who began his career in the Near East Division of the State Department during the days when Israel was being converted from a Zionist dream into a powerful armed actuality. He had a hand in the process by which it became a state and is probably the best qualified person to write the story.

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