How to get to and around Luxembourg

If you are traveling to Luxembourg: * There is only one airline that flies directly to the duchy from the US: Icelandic Airlines. It makes a stop in Iceland four times a week and has nonstop service three times a week. The stop in Iceland lasts for about 30-45 minutes but adds at least two hours to the flying time.

Icelandic has DC-10 service as well as DC-8 service. Many businessmen prefer to travel to Luxembourg via Lufthansa to Frankfurt, or Braniff or Sabena to Brussels. Lux-Air has connecting flights.

* Once in Luxembourg, consider renting a car if you intend to travel much.Taxis are expensive since the meter begins at the equivalent of $3. A small rental car from Hertz or Avis will cost about $16 a day and 16 cents a kilometer. The taxi ride from the airport to the center of town will cost about

* Hotel space is limited so it is important to make reservations. A Holiday Inn is located outside the city, near the European Communities center, about a $ 5 cab ride from town. The hotel features a large American-style breakfast, a sauna, swimming pool, and large rooms with color television.

In town, the Hotel Cravat is more European with smaller rooms, continental breakfast, and a radio in the rooms. If you stay at the Cravat ask to stay on the quiet side of the hotel. The Holiday Inn costs about $59 per night and the Cravat $63 per night.

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