Information wanted on hydraulic pump

I have a 10-foot waterfall on my property. An old cast-iron hydraulic ram-drive pump apparently once used the impact of the falling water to pump water up to the house. The pump was made by the Rife Engineering Company, 11 Broadway, New York City, according to the nameplate. Do you have any ideas on how to get parts for the pump? Or are any companies now making such a device? I'd even welcome a diagram showing how the pump is supposed to work. John D. Isherwood Santa Inez, Calif.

This question is a toughie. First, check around your area and see if a local plumber or plumbing contractor doesn't have some expertise, or at least understanding, of the old water pump on your property.

Have you thought of running a classified ad in a local paper, inviting a response from someone with a knowledge in the area? It can't hurt and you might get some good, sound advice.

Most of the hydraulic-generator manufacturers of many years ago now are out of business but a few may still be around. Allis Chalmers may be able to help you. Write to: Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company, 884 South 70th Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 53201. Also try the Fitz Waterwheel Company, Tenn and George Streets, Hanover, Pa. 17331.

If all else fails, give a call to John Muller, an engineer with the Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. You can reach him by calling: (202) 566-4635.

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