4 down, 1 to go for Eric Heiden

Erich Heiden, the speed-skating superstar of the United States, won his fourth gold medal and skier Hanni Wenzel of tiny Liechtenstein won the women's giant slalom in Thursday's Winter Olympics highlights.

Heiden almost fell, but recovered to capture the 1,500-meter event, with Norwegians Kai Arne Stenshjmmet and Terje Andersen finishing second and third, respectively.

Wenzel, silver medalist in the downhill four days earlier, turned in the best combined time for the two giant-slalom runs to beat out Irene Epple of West Germany and Perrine Pelen of France, who took the silver and bronze, respectively.

East Germany and the Soviet Union, continuing their nip-and-tuck battle for overall medal honors, finished 1-2 in the women's 4X5-km cross-country race, with Norway third.

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