Iran panel ready for Tehran trip

UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim said Wednesday that the UN commission to investigate the regime of the deposed Shah of Iran had been approved and would go to Tehran and talk to each of the 50 Americans held since Nov. 4. After receiving a cablegram from Iranian Presiden Abolhassan Bani-Sadr officially approving the five-member UN commission and saying it could go to Tehran, Mr. Waldheim said the commission would leave over the weekend for Tehran from Geneva.

The five-member panel gathered in Geneva earlier Wednesday to leave for Iran, but Mr. Waldheim said Iran asked for the delay to prepare the way for them.

Asked by a reporter if there was an "informal understanding" between the parties to release the hostages, Mr. Waldheim replied, "I would hope that you understand that this is a very delicate matter and I would not want to enter into the substance of the negotiations."

He gave no indication whether the hostages wouild be released during the panel's stay in Tehran or how soon after the conclusion of its investitation they could be freed.

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