A businessman reader points out that not only American farmers but American businessmen stand to lose as a result of the Carter moves against Moscow over the Afghanistan invasion. A whole crop of Misha the Bear T-shirts languishes in storage, for example, because of the President's effort to scuttle the Moscow Olympics.

The government and taxpayers are softening the sacrifice of farmers caught by MR. Carter's embargo on grain sales to Russia. But, our businessman asks, who is softening the sacrifices of businessmen? Shouldn't the government and taxpayers have some concern for the business victims of US policy?

A fair question. NBC is reported to be insured for most of its huge investment in the Moscow Games if they do not come off. But what of the smaller businesses such as the noveltymakers that went into production on items emblazoned with Misha, the cuddly Soviet symbol for the games? Instead of cashing in on a good thing, must they just grin and bear it?

The answer does not really lie with the US Government, of which business is so wary anyway. IT lies with the government in Moscow. Cuddly is as cuddly does. And the masters of Misha have it within their power to restore the bear market simply by turning from the military aggression that demands a boycott of their games. It will be the Kremlin's not the White House's fault if the Misha crop rots unsold.

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