Weep holes punched in vinyl siding

Q. Three years ago we had vinyl siding put on our home and found it satisfactory in every way. However, someone told us that they had heard of wood rotting under the siding. I don't believe it but am asking for your comments anyway. Mrs. Delcie D. Bean Jr. Jaffrey, New Hampshire

A. We fired this question off to a veteran vinyl-siding manufacturer, Bird & Son, East Walpole, Massachusetts. One of the firm's general managers replied as follows:

"Rumors concerning moisture damage due to the installation of vinyl siding are not true. Vinyl-siding systems are designed to allow for ventilation behind the siding and experience has shown the design to be effective.

"Bird vinyl-siding panels have weep holes punched at intervals along the bottom butt edge to allow any condensation to drain out.

"The locks and lap joints in conjunction with the open ends of the siding, although hidden from view in the J channel or corner post, still allow for the dissipation of water vapor from behind the siding to the outside.

"If moisture is presently being trapped in the walls of a structure, obviously the installation of vinyl siding will not cure the problem; however, it will not make it worse."

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