You can know God

Have you ever looked at an insect under a microscope? You could probably find its legs and the parts of its body and its head very easily. It was fun to see them more clearly than you ever could with just your eyes.

There is something else we should look at closely and get to know well -- though not with a microscope. That's God. God has told us we can find Him. He says in the Bible, "I will be found of you." n1

n1 Jeremiah 29:14;

But can we get to know something we can't see with our eyes, or smell, or touch? Of course we can. Can you imagine a friend whom you have never seen, but who sends you presents and writes you letters? You may not even know what she (or he) looks like, but you knowm her, don't you? You can feel her love.

We can know God in this way. We can feel God's love. How? When we want to be kind to someone, or when we want to do the right thing in class and not make noise. That's feeling God's love for us and for others (God loves everyone).

Feeling God's love is an important way to know God. Another important way is to understand what He has said to us. And, interestingly, the more we understand what God has already said, the more we'll hear what He is saying now, and the more we'll feel His love.

A vital part of understanding God is getting to know the Bible. This book was written by people and about people who really knew God themselves. They loved Him. They saw His power in their lives. And they told us and showed us what He is like.

For instance, one time a man borrowed an ax from a friend. n2 But while he was chopping wood the ax head fell into the water. Since it was made of iron, a very heavy metal, it sank.

n2 See II Kings 6:4-7;

The man needed help. And Elisha, whom the Bible describes as a "man of God," was there. Elisha understood that God was stronger than physical laws (laws such as the one that says iron always sinks). Elisha made the iron swim, and the man got his ax head back.

Through reading this story we get to know something about God's love and how it is always here to help us.

The most important person in the Bible is Christ Jesus. He healed people and even brought them to life after they had died. He understood God better than anyone else who has ever lived. And because God was so important to him, he was even able to bring himself back from death.

Jesus taught us many wonderful things about God. And he also showed us what we have to do in order to feel God with us all the time. We have to do things like loving our enemies and praying silently and being sure that when someone says something about God he really knows what he's talking about.

About 100 years ago an American woman named Mary Baker Eddy wrote a book called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.m You know what a key is. Well, just as a key unlocks a door, so this book unlocks the meaning of the Bible. It shows us all the Bible's wonderful truths that sometimes seem hard to understand. It shows us how to use every day what the Bible teaches.

If we read Science and Healthm a lot we'll begin to know that God is with us all the timem -- we'll feel sure we can do, more and more, the things Bible people did. Like those people, we will see how wonderful God is.

The very first sentence of Science and Healthm is, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." [*] You can havem God's blessings. You can experiencem His love. You can seem and knowm the good things He does -- how He heals you or helps you in school, or how He helps you solve your problems with your friends. But to get these wonderful blessings you have to do something -- you have to lean on Him.

[*] Science and Healthm , p. vii.

Think about that one. How do you lean on something you can't feel?

Wait a minute. You canm feel God, can't you? So you can lean on Him. Lean on His great, deep love for you -- a love that won't fall down no matter how hard you lean.

So you do know something about God. If you lean on Him every day, you will know even more.

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