State of the Union highlights

SOVIET THREAT. "The Soviet Union has taken a radical and aggressive new step. . . . The implications of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan could pose the most serious threat to world peace since the Second World War."

US RESPONSE. "Any attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States. It will be repelled by use of any means necessary, including military force."

MILITARY SPENDING. "We have increased annually our real commitment for defense, and we will sustain this increased effort throughout our five-year defense program [with real increases of 5 percent a year]."

DRAFT REGISTRATION. "I hope that it will not become necessary to reimpose the draft. However, we must be prepared for that possibility. For this reason, I have determined that the Selective Service System must now be revitalized. I will send legislation . . . to the Congress next month so that we can begin registration [of 18-to-26- year-olds]. . . ."

STRATEGIC ARMS CONTROL. "I will consult closely with the Congress as we strive to control nuclear weapons. That effort will not be abandoned."

INTELLIGENCE. "We need to remove unwarranted restraints on America's ability to collect intelligence.

US HOSTAGES. "If the American hostages [in Iran] are harmed, a severe price will be paid."

ENERGY. "[Oil import ceilings] will be enforced with an import fee, if necessary. . . . If we have a serious shortage, I will not hesitate to impose mandatory gasoline rationing."

ECONOMY. "First, . . . reduce the federal deficit and then . . . balance the budget. Second, . . . restrain pay increases in a fair fight against inflation. Third, . . . cut paperwork and . . . dismantle unnecessary government regulation. Fourth, . . . a major new program to provide training and work for our young people, especially minority youth. Fifth, . . . increase productivity , savings, and investment."

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