Pursuing an invention for solar energy

My son has developed an interesting plan for creating solar energy that we believe shows great possibilities. He would like some advice on the best way to proceed with his plan, whom to contact, etc.

The field is wide open for bright young people and, if his plan seems feasible, he should pursue it.

To start, have him get in touch with the Southern Solar Energy Center in Atlanta. Write to 61 Perimeter Park, Atlanta, GA 30341. Phone: (404) 458-8765. He will get some good advice from the organization. It is one of four regional solar-energy centers in the United States. The three others are in Cambridge, Massachusetts; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Portland, Oregon.

Further, he can also call the Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center in Rockville, Maryland. Phone: (800) 523- 2929.

That should get him on his way. Mrs. J. J. Manly San Antonio, Texas

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