A quick quiz to polish your 'Super' savvy

With Super Bowl XIV coming up Sunday in Pasadena, here's a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the 13 that have preceded it: 1. The big game has been played at only five different sites. Which city has hosted it the most times, and which ones have drawn the largest and smallest crowds?

2. Name the participants and the score of Super Bowl I in 1967.

3. One team has appeared in four Super Bowls and never won, another has played in three and never lost, and the third has appeared more than any other team and has a 1- 3 record. Identify each.

4. The quarterback of the winner in the first Super Bowl is now head coach of that team, while the losing QB is a color man for NFL telecasts. Who are they?

5. Name the running back who holds the Super Bowl record for longest run from scrimmage and highest average gain per game.

6. Two teams share the record for the longest pass play in super Bowl history. Each covered 75 yards for a touchdown. Who were the teams and players involved?

7. They played in games 10 years apart, but these two players hold the record for longest punt return and longest kickoff return, respectively. Name them.

8. After catching only three passes all season, this end filled in for an injured starter and caught seven passes for 138 yards and two TDs to help this team win the Super Bowl. Name him.

9. Throwing his first pass in three seasons, this back made it a 29-yard TD toss and clinched the Super Bowl for his squad. Who is he?

10. Who is the bruising back who didn't fumble the football all season -- until he did so in the Super Bowl, leading to an opponent's field goal and a lead his team could never surmount?

The answers:

1. The sites and number of games are Miami 5, New Orleans 4, Los Angeles 2, Pasadena and Houston one each. The biggest crowd was 103,438 in 1977 at the Rose Bowl, site of this year's game. The smallest: 61,946 for Super Bowl I in Los Angeles.

2. Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10.

3. Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

4. Bart Starr and Len Dawson.

5. Tom Matte of Baltimore ran 58 yards. from scrimmage and averaged 10.5 yards per carry, gaining 116 yards on 11 attempts in 1969 loss to New York Jets.

6. John Unitas to John Mackey, Baltimore, 1971 win over Dallas, an Terry Bradshaw to John Stallworth, Pittsburgh, 1979 victory over Dallas.

7. Willie Wood of Green Bay returned a punt 31 yards in 1968; Rick Upchurch of Denver took a kickoff 67 yards in 1978.

8. Max McGee for Green Bay in Super Bowl I.

9. Robert Newhouse of Dallas vs Denver in Super Bowl XII.

10. Larry Csonka of Miami in Super Bowl VI.

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