Saving energy can be a habit

Would you please send me any information on how to save energy in the home, the car, and on the water? R. Stanley Leavenworth, Kan.

By looking around the house, checking your driving habits, and, if you're boater, taking a reading on how you operate your boat, can save a bundle of energy for everyone.

First, you should pick up some energy- aware publications as a guide for the future. Write to the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Co 81009, and ask for a free booklet, "Tips for Energy Savers." It's a compilation of hints for conserving energy all over the house.

A companion publication, "Tips for Motorists," will help you cut the cost of operating your car. And while you're at it, ask for a copy of the Consumer Information Catalogue. It's free and will give you a list of government-printed publications, many of them free, which you can order for yourself.

Drop a line to the Edison Electric Institute, 90 park Avenue, New York, NY 10016 and ask for a copy of "A Consumer's Guide to Portable Appliances," which gives a bunch of tips for the wise purchase of small appliances for the home.

EEI also offers a number of other pamphlets and booklets, among them "101 Ways to Control Your Electric Bill" and "All-Weather Comfort Guidelines."

Why don't you also write to the Department of Energy, Technical Information Center, PO Box 622, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, and ask for a copy of "Selected Department of Energy Publications," also free for the asking. Then, when you've decided what you want to see, get back in touch with the Department of Energy.

Many manufacturers are caught up in the energy-reduction stream and offer booklets and other publications for the energy-aware consumer. Ask at your local public library for some help on the subject.

Why not ask a few questions of your local public utilities, such as the gas company, electric company, etc.

Saving energy can become habit- forming, it saves money, and it's lots of fun -- all at the same time.

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