Europeans plan Afghan reaction

European allies of the United States are expected to announce a series of economic and political measures in response to the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, Monitor contributor David Fouquet reports. The five-country visit by Deputy Secretary of State Warren M. christopher and Undersecretary Richard N. Cooper this week resulted in a general pledge from the allies not to substitute European trade for embargoed American shipments.

Also, Mr. Christopher and Mr. Cooper said that allies' sales restrictions on high-technology goods and export credits to the Soviets would soon be tightened. Promises of aid to Afghan refugees and neighboring Pakistan are also in the offing.

Speaking to reporters, though, Mr. Christopher emphasized that each country must decide for itself how to react. "We're seeking not joint action, but parallel or concerted action." In the days ahead, governments will decide from the list of possible initiatives to demonstrate their disapproval of the Soviet action without jeopardizing hopes for detente or their trade with the Eastern bloc, which in some cases is quite lucrative.

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