Lake Placid's all ready, but where's the snow?

With the Winter Olympic Games little more than a month away, everything is ready -- except the snow. Rumors are flying, Monitor staff members Wendy Gristmacher reports. A radio station in Lake placid, N.Y., where the games will be held, has reported that they will be shifted to Colorado if it doesn't snow soon. Less extreme speculators say the games may be moved to the closest snowbelt city -- Quebec.

But Lake Placid Mayor Harry B. Fregoe insists, "The lack of snow is not a problem at all."

Peter L. Spurney, general manager of the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee, agrees. "We have a truly weatherproof Olympics. We are makking snow on Whiteface Mountain, where Nordic and ski jump events will be held. all the outside rinks, as well as the bobsled and luge runs, are refrigerated," Mr. Spurney says.

Apparently the only problem is with cross-country ski tracks.

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