Iran, Soviet shipment threatened

Transport union in the United States and canada are issuing a stong call for worldwide labor support of an embargo on grain and other shipments to and from Iran, an action that could have serious impact on the country's supply lines, Monitor labor correspondent Ed Townsend reports.

Similar step are possible against the Soviet Union. US union were exploring on Tuesday "a number of options" on shipment to Russia from the US. Dock worker in grain and other ports, strongly anticommunist and against the Soviet Union have frequently refused to handlel Russian cargoes during past crises. This could happen again, and if it does, little or no grain -- or anything else -- would move to Russia though US port.

The appeal on Monday for worldwide labor action against Iran through the International Workers Federation, based in London proposes an extension of a boycott of shipments to and from Iran already imposed in US by the International Long shoremen's Association and supported by other unions.

Meanwhile the International association of machinists and the Transport Workers Union, two AFL-CIO union with jursidiction over airline ground crews, have refused to service Iranian commercial planes, forcing a suspension of flights.

Five of US and Canadian unions, meeting in Washington, cabled the Transport Federation in London to urge emergency meeting within 10 days to consider "worldwide industrial action against Iran, in support of similar activities initiated earlier by American unions."

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