Once upon a time there was a boy who just couldn't seem to whistle. He tried and tried but he couldn't seem to get the music out. He heard the other children whistling to music. The boy next to him said, "Why aren't you whistling, David?" David didn't answer, but just kept singing the words to the song.

That night, when he went home, he asked his sister about how to whistle. His sister said, "Why don't you go to the library and see if you can find a whistle book?"

So he went to the library and asked the librarian about a whistle book. The librarian said, "OK, let's go and look for one." So they looked and looked, but they just couldn't find one. David went home droopy.

The next day when he went to school, he asked Billy how to whistle.

Billy said, "OK, first you put your tongue back on that bumpy place in your mouth. Then your put your tongue so that it touches your teeth on the side. Then you put your tongue down so that it covers the bottom of the teeth on the side of your mouth. Then you put the tip of your tongue up so that it almost touches the roof of your mouth. Then blow."

First it sounded a little funny. Then it came out loud and clear.

That night when David went home he said, "Mommy, Mommy, I can whistle, listen." And then he whistled a song. It was a strong, clear tone. Everybody in the family clapped for David.

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