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Topic: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

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  • Terrorism & Security Tunisia struggles for stability and a fresh start as Egypt protest turns violent

    Tunisia's interim government is facing growing pressure to purge security forces and the government of figures who were loyal to former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
    02/02/2011 04:03 pm

  • Nine countries in the Middle East where 'winds of change' are blowing

    Those who said that "winds of change" were blowing through the Middle East were right. The past few weeks have seen a series of political shifts in response to widespread discontent and popular opposition that once went unacknowledged. On Friday, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ceded to protesters in Cairo and stepped down. As Egyptians' cries, first of anger and now of jubilation, beam into living rooms throughout the Middle East, here is a look at where those "winds of change" are taking us. (Editor's note: This is an updated version of a story that originally ran on Feb. 2)
    02/02/2011 01:23 pm

  • Unmoved by Mubarak's speech, Egyptian protesters insist: 'He must leave.'

    Responding to Egyptian President Mubarak's offer to not run for reelection in September, one protester in Cairo's Tahrir Square said: 'Thirty years of injustice is enough. We don’t need eight more months.'
    02/01/2011 09:52 pm

  • Egypt's Mubarak won't run again, but protesters look to speed his exit

    President Mubarak, bowing to pressure at home and apparently from the US, said Tuesday he will not seek reelection in September. Dissatisfied, protesters look to Egypt's military to take their side.
    02/01/2011 06:10 pm

  • Opinion US message to Arab world matters -- and Obama is sending the wrong one

    The message the US projects abroad will resonate long after the final pass of the Super Bowl. The US must lend its full-throated support to the protesters of the Arab world. It matters – both for the future of the region, and the future of America. Sitting on the sidelines may cost us more than our regional standing; it may cost us our own ideals.
    01/31/2011 11:35 pm

  • Why Tunisia's winds of change aren't blowing south to sub-Saharan Africa

    The winds of change that swept aside Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali have swiftly blown east to test the long-serving leaders of Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. Yet if these winds can blow east across North Africa to the Middle East, can't they also blow south to sub-Saharan Africa? Surely there are plenty of dictators in Africa's other countries who have outworn their welcome after 20-plus years in power? Perhaps, but different societies respond to the same conditions in very different ways, and the 53 countries of the African continent each has its own social structure and attitudes toward those in power. Here are four reasons why, despite the massive protests in North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa remains silent.
    01/31/2011 03:46 pm

  • Egypt's Hosni Mubarak: following missteps of ousted Tunisian leader?

    Egypt's Hosni Mubarak at first ignored protesters, and then responded with force. 'I don’t think Mubarak learned anything from the Tunisian case,' says one observer.
    01/31/2011 11:36 am

  • Hosni Mubarak names new cabinet, but his future is in military hands

    The Egyptian military is now center stage in the battle between President Hosni Mubarak and the demonstrators demanding that he end his 30-year rule.
    01/31/2011 09:37 am

  • Cairo protesters: 'We’re staying here until Mubarak leaves.'

    In Cairo's Tahrir Square Saturday, protesters said President Mubarak's appointment of a vice president and prime minister wasn't enough, and expressed confidence that momentum was on their side.
    01/29/2011 04:09 pm

  • Egypt's crackdown on protesters evokes Iran's heavy hand in 2009 unrest

    With more than 100 estimated dead so far as Egyptian protests resume for a fifth day, Egypt's 'zero tolerance' policy is reminiscent of Iran's force to quash unrest after Ahmadinejad's reelection.
    01/29/2011 10:12 am

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