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  • 10 best books of March: the Monitor's picks

    Spring is in the air (well, almost, anyway) and a new crop of books has just arrived. Here are some of the Monitor book critics' favorite March picks.

  • The 20 most fascinating accidental inventions

    Most inventors strive for weeks, months, or years to perfect their products. (Thomas Edison tried thousands of different light bulb filaments before arriving at the ideal mixture of tungsten.) But sometimes, brilliance strikes by accident. Here's a salute to the scientists, chefs, and everyday folk who stumbled upon greatness – and, more important, shared their mistakes with the world.UPDATE: After great reader feedback, we've added five additional accidental inventions: Stainless steel, plastic, ice cream cones, Post-it Notes, and matches.

  • X-rays add bony style to Google doodle homepage

    Horizons X-rays add bony style to Google doodle homepage

    Monday's X-rays Google homepage honors the invention's 115th anniversary.