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  • In French print media, Anglicisms are 'le buzz'

    Despite long being a bastion against foreign imports into the French language, French newspapers and magazines are undergoing 'un boom' in the use of Anglicisms.

  • Saving Money The top 20 toys of all time

    These 20 timeless childhood toys, from Barbies to LEGOs,  were chosen by visitors and fans at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as the cream of the crop. Which toy took the top spot?

  • Verbal Energy Earworms and the 'mononymous' phenomenon

    Doing a spell-check on a pop singer's name, the Monitor's language columnist is reminded how writers can get words, as well as music, 'stuck' in their ears.

  • Chapter & Verse Philip Roth encounters trouble editing his own Wikipedia page

    When Philip Roth attempted to correct a Wikipedia entry about his novel 'The Human Stain,' he was told he needed secondary sources.

  • Chapter & Verse Amazon announces new devices, including HD Kindle Fire

    Amazon's new lineup of devices includes a Kindle Fire tablet with HD and other new features as well as a back-lit e-reader called the Kindle Paperwhite.

  • Maria Montessori and 10 famous graduates from her schools

    Maria Montessori stands in many ways as the mother of alternative education. The Italian physician and teacher invented a new kind of school, one with self-directed learning, classrooms with mixed age groups, and no grades. Now, on what would have been her 142 birthday, thousands of schools bear her name. These Montessori schools have some very famous alumni, many of which credit the free-flowing classes with teaching them to think differently and allowing them to change the world. Here are 10 of the most prominent.

  • UN eyeing Texas invasion? Probably not, but ‘civil war’ fears abound

    Lubbock County Judge Tom Head’s suggestion that President Obama, if reelected, will send UN troops to invade Texas caused chuckles (or gasps) across the country. But coming at the height of a polarized presidential race, his comments highlighted fears of political unrest.

  • Saving Money Top 10 pet-friendly hotels

    More and more vacationers are bringing along pets during their getaways. These 10 pet-friendly hotels will make Fido feel right at home.

  • Nine great cars for back to school

    While students don’t necessarily have a car on their back-to-school shopping list, when they do, it’s safe to say that they’re “budget constrained” – and that their parents will want safety and dependability. So that gem with the loud exhaust and fast-and-furious spoiler strapped to the trunk is probably a no-go. Instead, think affordable style. Here are nine great used cars that just might occupy the crossroads where young drivers, their parents, and their budget can meet:

  • Review: Siri versus Google Voice Search versus S Voice

    Will Apple's Siri triumph over its Android counterparts, despite being the oldest of the three virtual assistants?