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  • Augusta National admits first women – all two of them (+video)

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore are invited to join Augusta National. The 80-year-old golfing club has been under pressure for 10 years to admit women.

  • Who creates jobs? How economists see the Obama-Romney debate.

    The debate about job creation is becoming one of the central themes of the presidential campaign. The answers aren't simple, many economists say – especially in the current climate of employment malaise.

  • The Daily Reckoning A crisis veiled in public spectacle

    Over the course of three odd decades, billions of dollars were lent to people who shouldn’t have been allowed to borrow lunch money. And now, there are losses in the trillions. The real question is, will the market finally be allowed to correct itself?

  • Happy Friday! JPMorgan launches stock market rally

    Showing a vote of confidence in JPMorgan Chase Friday, relieved investors drove up bank stocks, ended a six-day losing streak for the market and sent the Dow Jones industrial average up 204 points, the best day this month, to close at 12,777.

  • Stocks slide on Wall Street for sixth straight day

    US stocks slid for a sixth day Thursday as concern spread that weaker global economic growth will hurt US corporate earnings. The Dow fell as much as 112 points in early trading. It recovered to turn briefly positive before closing with a loss of 31 points, or 0.3 percent, at 12,573.

  • Opinion How to close the budget deficit without raising tax rates

    Tax credits and deductions are projected to cost the US Treasury around $1.3 trillion this fiscal year. Meanwhile, the budget deficit is projected at $1.2 trillion. Without all those tax breaks, the deficit would turn into a surplus. Polls suggest Americans may be willing to see them go, too.

  • National Spelling Bee: 10 winning business words

    In the National Spelling Bee’s 85-year existence, a wide range of words have crowned the winners – from science words like ‘crustaceology,’ to musical terms such as ‘soubrette,’ and ‘appoggiatura.’ The list of winning words also includes several that could slide right into the pages of this newspaper’s business section. In honor of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee, here are 10 business words from past years that have determined the champion. Will this year’s winning word make the list?

  • The Circle Bastiat Huge mortgage debts keep the housing market tumbling

    Experts have been calling for the bottom of the housing market each year since the crash, and prices continue to tumble. Why? In an overwhelming number of cases, homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their houses are actually worth.

  • Decoder Buzz Obama honors Presidential Medal of Freedom winners: Who's eligible? (+video)

    Answer: Anybody who's accomplished anything the president of the United States likes. Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to Bob Dylan, John Glenn, and 11 other recipients Tuesday.

  • Stocks fall amid discouraging economic reports

    The Dow fell 156 points to close at 12442 – the index's 11th loss in 12 days – after a pair of discouraging economic reports unnerved investors already worried about a possible exit from the euro by Greece.