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  • Top 10 richest Americans

    The 100 richest people in the world gained $241 billion in net worth last year, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. Americans dominated the list, occupying five of the top 10 spots. This countdown of the top 10 wealthiest Americans features a casino mogul, software tycoons, and a lot of Wal-Mart money. 

  • Mattel and Hasbro 'terrified': Do kids want gadgets more than toys?

    Mattel and Hasbro terrified that kids will want toys less next year, according to reports. Hot toys did well this Christmas, but retailers in general saw less growth than expected.

  • Cover Story Who's filling America's church pews

    In Puritan New England, Protestant and Catholic churches are declining while evangelical and Pentecostal groups are rising. Why the nation's most secular region may hint at the future of religion.

  • Are 'fiscal cliff' woes killing Christmas sales?

    In last weekend before Christmas, traditionally a strong sales period, shoppers cite worries over taxes and so-so discounts as reasons to rein in spending. Experts warn of ho-hum holiday sales.

  • Newtown shooting cranks up Canada's gun-control debate

    The massacre in Newtown comes just a week after the anniversary of the 'Montreal Massacre' that inspired Canada's strict gun laws – which the current government has been easing.

  • Opinion New gun laws? Don't aim at only mass shootings like Sandy Hook.

    We only take notice when gun violence is sufficiently spectacular, such as at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. But on a typical day in the US, 33 people are murdered by guns, and 50 die in gun-related suicides. It's time to regulate.

  • Investors shun gun stocks in wake of Sandy Hook

    Gun company stocks Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp fall for the third straight day. Private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management says it will sell Freedom Group Inc., which makes the rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre.

  • Newtown students return to school (+video)

    Students in Newtown, Connecticut, other than those from Sandy Hook Elementary, went back to school on Tuesday. Friday's mass shooting has left the community in recovery mode and politicians around the country rethinking the nation's gun laws. 

  • Briefing US gun industry by the numbers

    As the debate over gun control rages on, the firearms industry in the United States is thriving. Here are seven key figures. 

  • Cover Story Jailed without conviction: Behind bars for lack of money

    About 10 million people are jailed each year for crimes large and small. Most – two-thirds of the 750,000 in jail on any given day – stay long periods without conviction at great cost to the public and to themselves because they can't afford bail.