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  • A government vault worthy of Dan Brown's attention

    Decoder Buzz A government vault worthy of Dan Brown's attention

    Remember paper? The hard copies of laws dating back to 1789 are held in a special archive called Records Group 11.

  • In Pictures Refugees in America

    Marita Kabura (right) and Ciza Oleria (left) were gearing up in late June for their second 4th of July in the US. Refugees from a UN in camp in Tanzania, they were resettled a year ago in Clarkston, Ga. Since the 1990s, aid agencies, contracted by the federal government, have resettled thousands of refugees from more than 50 countries in this suburban Atlanta town.

  • Presidents and the irresistible urge to record themselves

    Decoder Buzz Presidents and the irresistible urge to record themselves

    Bill Clinton is the latest in a long line of presidents to be haunted by tapes of their presidential conversations.

  • Photos of the Day 1015

    A dog romps through a snow-covered meadow in the small village of Semmering, Austria, on Thursday after the first snowfall in the region. Some areas of New England experienced their first snow as well when a Nor'easter slammed into the area, bringing several inches of rain and wet snow.

  • Photos of the Day 1014

    Sunflowers are covered in snow in the Absam, Austria, on Wednesday after a snow storm came through the region.

  • Photos of the Day 1008

    Spectators watch a traditional pig race at the Swiss agriculture fair OLMA in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on Thursday.

  • In Pictures Start your engines

    Ferrari Formula One driver Felipe Massa of Brazil drives into the pits during the first practice session for the United States F1 Grand Prix in Indianapolis, Ind.

  • In Pictures Some of the world's most polluted cities

    Heaps of rusted barrels for chemical substances and other rubbish may be observed everywhere in Dzerzhinsk, the city of chemical industry. The city was one of the Soviet Union's most important chemical weapons producers, and the Dzerzhinsk's environmental agency estimates that almost 300,000 tons of chemical waste were dumped between 1930 and 1998. The US Blacksmith Institute has named the city one of the most polluted in the world, citing lead, sarin, lewisite, sulfur mustard, hydrogen cyanide and phosgene as the worst pollutants.

  • In Pictures America's National Parks

    Summer is here and many people from around the world will be visiting America's national parks. The National Park Service expects over 270,000,000 guests at parks every year. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular – every year at least 2 million tourists enjoy the park's wildlife and unique geothermal features. Yellowstone was the first American national park and is renowned for its bears, wolves, bison, geysers, and hot springs.

  • In Pictures NASA's Future of Space Exploration

    The Orion spacecraft will replace the Space Shuttle as a part of the Constellation program, an effort to gain proficiency and experience operating away from Earth's environment and to land human explorers on the moon by 2020. The Orion will carry four to six astronauts and will be the NASA's primary vehicle for manned spaceflight missions. Orion's first scheduled flight will be in September 2014.