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  • Peacekeeping force for unsettled Mali gets unanimous UN vote

    Resolution 2100 has French troops replaced by blue helmets and at least half the UN force will be from Africa. Al Qaeda-linked militants are still fighting in Mali's northern mountains. 

  • Opinion To nudge Iran talks, new UN resolution needed

    UN Security Council resolutions that Iran must stop 'all' enrichment activities are outmoded, unrealistic, and hurt the Iran talks. A new resolution should promise to lift sanctions if the parties reach a reasonable agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

  • North Korea readies short-range missile launchers

    On Sunday, North Korea appeared to be planning a missile test launch and moved two short-range Scud missile launchers to its east coast. On Saturday, North Korea reiterated it would not give up its nuclear weapons.

  • North Korea demands lifting of sanctions

    If the United States truly desires dialogue with North Korea, it would lift sanctions against it, according to North Korea's top military body in a statement released on Thursday. North Korea threatened 'the sledge-hammer blow of our army and the people' if its demands are not met. 

  • New N. Korea threats against South, U.S.

    N. Korea issued new threats after protesters in Seoul burned effigies of the North's leaders. N. Korea threatened retaliatory measures against S. Korea and "unspecified military countermeasures" unless the U.S. stops conducting military drills nearby.

  • North Korea crisis: Can John Kerry persuade China to lean harder on Kim?

    Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Chinese officials in Beijing Saturday, with tensions spiraling ever higher in the region as North Korea threatens to carry out a ballistic missile test.

  • The Monitor's View Is an end to war-time rape at a tipping point?

    The G8 nations agreed Thursday to a British plan to go after those who rape in war zones, hoping to end this atrocity as a weapon in conflicts. Perhaps this big-power move will mark a historic shift in ending a global problem.

  • What hope for diplomacy to defuse North Korea crisis?

    Any diplomatic resolution to the North Korea crisis depends upon China's priorities and Kim Jong-un himself. Here's why both are difficult to gauge as Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to travel to the region.

  • Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady, transformed Britain

    For admirers, Margaret Thatcher was a savior who rescued Britain from ruin and laid the groundwork for an extraordinary economic renaissance. For critics, she was a heartless tyrant who ushered in an era of greed that kicked the weak out onto the streets and let the rich become filthy rich.

  • North Korea: What message will John Kerry take to Asia next week?

    Secretary of State John Kerry will start a trip to China, South Korea, and Japan next week. Now that the US has taken military precautions, he's expected to speak softly.