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  • Rep. Scott Rigell: Maverick GOP freshman in the eye of a political storm

    Obama is hitting Virginia Beach, Va., Thursday for a reason: It's one of the hottest political ad markets in the country. Its congressman, Scott Rigell, is out to change Washington's 'toxic mix of partisanship, no facts, weak ideas.'

  • Where’s Romney’s Ryan ‘bounce’? Polls give weak report

    Paul Ryan's presence on the GOP presidential ticket has given Mitt Romney a slight boost in the polls – less than Sarah Palin or Joe Biden did for John McCain and Barack Obama four years ago. But Ryan has put new spring in Romney's step, and he's helped loosen Republican wallets.

  • Romney's Paul Ryan pick energizes GOP (+video)

    In his first campaign speech as Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan warned that the US is in a 'different, difficult, dangerous moment' which the GOP presidential team won’t shrink from. So far, Republicans say they’re very impressed.

  • Paul Ryan: bold, risky pick for Romney VP (+video)

    Conservatives applaud Rep. Paul Ryan as the intellectual leader of the Republican Party. Liberals see Ryan as an ideologue who would destroy the nation’s social safety net.

  • Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate

    Conservative pundits have been urging Romney to choose Rep. Ryan because of his budget plan that seeks to curb overall entitlement spending and changes Medicare into a voucher-like system to save costs, something Democrats already are targeting for attack.