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  • Backlog consequences: VA withholds bonuses

    The VA is withholding bonuses from senior officials who oversee disability claims and will instead spend the money to reduce the backlog, officials announced Monday. In fiscal 2011, when $2.8 million in bonuses were awarded, the number of disability claims pending for longer than 125 days jumped from less than 200,000 to nearly 500,000.

  • Veterans groups gear up to fight any proposed changes to disability payments

    To help reduce the deficit, President Barack Obama has suggested using a different measure of inflation to calculate Social Security benefits, leading to a slower growth rate. Veterans groups worry such a change could apply to disability payments.

  • How one vet's persistence paid off

    How one vet's persistence paid off

    Paul Weaver wanted answers from the VA about his disability benefits. In the end, the Iraq war vet helped many others.

  • A new push to help families of veterans

    A new push to help families of veterans

    Recognition is growing in the military that soldiers' injuries put extra hardships on immediate family members.