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  • Dimon in the hot seat before Congress

    The JPMorgan Chase CEO was in front of Congress for a second time; he is under fire for a $2 billion trading loss.

  • JPMorgan Chase CEO: Shareholders had risk info

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon insisted his bank did its best to inform investors about its risk strategy preceding its $2 billion-plus trading loss. JPMorgan Chase used risk assessment models that provided the best information at the time, according to Dimon.

  • Allen Stanford gets 110 years in prison for $7B Ponzi scheme

    Allen Stanford was sentenced Thursday to 110 years in prison for bilking investors out of more than $7 billion over 20 years in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in US history. A Texas tycoon and former billionaire, Allen Stanford used to be one of the richest men in the country.

  • The Reformed Broker SEC won't take action against Lehman Brothers

    The SEC will likely not seek action against the Lehman for the events that led up to the firm's massive bankruptcy in 2008.

  • Facebook IPO: Six key dates in its debacle

    Facebook's first week as a publicly traded company will go down as a terribly botched corporate launch, perhaps one of the worst in recent history for such a highly visible entity. Eight days ago, it was the tech world's most highly anticipated initial public offering in eight years. Now, the social media company faces mounting legal woes and serves as an embarrassing example of how not to run an IPO. Despite rising insider pessimism about its growth prospects, Facebook kept boosting its asking price and the number of shares it would sell. The result: billions of dollars in losses; investigations by two congressional committees, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an industry watchdog, and the state of Massachusetts; at least 13 class-action lawsuits; and thousands of resentful shareholders who days later still were unsure how many Facebook shares they had or at what price. Here are six key dates in Facebook's unfolding IPO disaster.

  • Horizons $75 million? Apple CEO Tim Cook says, 'No thanks'

    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has said he won't take the quarterly $75 million payments he would earn under a new Apple employee policy. 

  • Facebook stock: Once hot IPO now a tale of lawsuits, glitches, and overreach (+video)

    Facebook stock is trading well below its initial offering price. The IPO is being viewed as a debacle for the firm and its investment backers, and the lawsuits have already begun.

  • Tech stocks exchange to change IPO auctions after Facebook glitches

    Tech stocks IPO auctions will be revamped, Nasdaq CEO says, after delays plagued Facebook's first day of trading. SEC investigating to see if delays hurt trading in the tech stock's underwhelming IPO.

  • Facebook IPO: Can it survive a downbeat market? (+video)

    Facebook IPO likely to do well on its first day of trading. But Facebook IPO would do much better in a stronger stock market.

  • Companies question whether Facebook ads pay

    General Motors has withdrawn ads ahead of the social giant's IPO, and others are asking if Facebook can really monetize its users.