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  • First lady's anti-obesity campaign ignites change in food industry

    First lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign, "Let's Move," has inspired some in the food industry to change. Wal-Mart, doing its part to incorporate the first lady's anti-obesity campaign into its stores, has started labeling foods. Others ignore her recommendations as government intrusion. 

  • Office Depot will buy Office Max in stock deal

    The two office supply companies will come together to challenge industry leader Staples, Inc.

  • Stocks rise on talk of corporate deals

    Stocks were up on Wall Street Tuesday on reports that retailers Office Depot and OfficeMax are discussing a merger came after big corporate deals for Heinz and Dell were announced in recent weeks. Stocks of office supplies stores jumped following the news.

  • Focus Cyber security in 2013: How vulnerable to attack is US now? (+video)

    Businesses, government, and individuals seek better cyber security measures, as cyberattacks mount in the US. One key focus is how to protect 'critical' systems such as power, water, and transportation.

  • Senate freshmen: What the 14 new members bring to Capitol Hill

    A freshman Senate class was sworn in Jan. 3, bringing diverse skills and experience – not to mention agendas – to the legislative body. Whether the 14 newest senators help break partisan gridlock, or refuse to work across the aisle, will be the test for the 113th Congress.Twelve were elected on Nov. 6, including three Republicans, eight Democrats, and an independent. In addition, a Republican and a Democrat were appointed to vacant seats after the election. Here is a look at the 14 and what they bring to the Senate:

  • FTC says Google does not abuse its power (+video)

    The FTC ended a 19-month investigation into Google's business practices, concluding that the company didn't violate antitrust law.

  • FTC clears Google on antitrust

    But in antitrust settlement with FTC, Google agrees to license some mobile-phone patents to Apple, RIM, and other rivals. Google also will stop quoting from other websites in its search results when websites object.

  • The Monitor's View Kids and digital media: removing the fears

    Reports of Adam Lanza's war-game obsession and the new FTC rules on children's online privacy help refocus concerns on the effects of digital media on children. But parental anxiety can be channeled toward solutions.

  • Instagram uproar: A testing ground for Facebook? (+video)

    A popular photo sharing site owned by Facebook, Instagram released new terms of service on Monday. Now Instagram users have a month to decide how much control over their data they are willing to give up.  

  • Modern Parenthood Megan Fox, apps spying on our kids, and more: Our parenting news roundup

    Megan Fox talks about her grooming routine before giving birth, a new report released by the Federal Trade Commission detailing how popular apps for kids are mining data on their whereabouts and finally, a new study linking childhood obesity to television in the bedroom.