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  • State of the Union: Why Obama energy blueprint has Republicans fuming (+video)

    Obama's State of the Union endorsement of an 'all of the above' strategy for energy production rankled Republicans, who see it as disingenuous given his Keystone XL pipeline rejection and fracking probes.

  • Top 12 best cars for the money

    Consumer confidence may be rising, but it still makes sense to watch every penny – especially with big purchases, like a new car. Although auto sales perked up in 2011, value is still the name of the game. U.S. News Best Cars spent months analyzing thousands of professional reviews, as well as reliability and safety data, to create the 2012 Best Cars for the Money Awards. Here are the 12 most highly praised low-cost, low-maintenance models for 2012:

  • Coke fungicide prompts tests of Minute Maid and Simply Orange juices

    Coke fungicide: Coca-Cola Co. alerted the FDA to a fungicide in its Minute Maid and Simply Orange brands of orange juice as well as a competitor's brand.

  • 'Doomsday Clock' moved forward. What has scientists worried?

    Scientists say they moved the 'Doomsday Clock' a minute closer to midnight because nations are failing to sufficiently address nuclear proliferation, climate change, and other global threats.

  • Supreme Court to hear case of dream home quashed by EPA

    The Supreme Court on Monday will hear arguments in a case that shows the EPA is out of control, property-rights advocates say. Environmentalists say the couple involved is merely trying to scapegoat the EPA.  

  • The Vote New Hampshire GOP debate best yet, but who won?

    The Sunday New Hampshire GOP debate was the opposite of the one the night before, with candidates attacking Mitt Romney – and at least one setting himself up well for races to come.

  • Why Ron Paul, graybeard of GOP race, lights up the youth vote

    Ron Paul strikes a chord with young voters, who are attracted to his renegade views on foreign policy, the economy, and, yes, marijuana. For some, the very fact that he's so outside the box is the main attraction.

  • Rule and Ruin

    When and why did the Republican Party tip so far to the right?

  • On the Economy 'Job creating' particle accelerators?

    These days, attaching the words "jobs creator" to any policy is a surefire way to get it passed. But the practice has gotten ridiculous.

  • Six steps to choosing the best refrigerator

    If you’ve had the pleasure of purchasing an appliance within the last 10 years you’re probably aware that things are not as simple as they once used to be. While technology has made many things in our lives easier, choosing the best refrigerator among hundreds of similar models isn’t one of them. Family size and lifestyle are only a few of the factors that influence a purchase. That said, armed with the right information and knowing what questions to ask can ease the process of finding the best refrigerator: