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  • Stocks stumble towards end of solid 3Q

    Stocks fell Friday in all industry groups in the S&P 500 except utilities. The biggest losses were in telecommunications and information technology stocks. But the big indices are still up 4 percent or more for three months.

  • Unemployment claims plunge to two-month low

    Unemployment claims drop 26,000 to a level of 359,000, the lowest in nine weeks. At this level, unemployment claims typically point to a lower unemployment rate.

  • GDP growth revised down to 1.3 percent

    GDP growth in the second quarter was even more sluggish than previously reported. Effects of drought on farms was the biggest factor for the GDP revision.

  • Time to refinance your mortgage? Rates hit historic lows.

    Mortgage interest rates are at their lowest point since records have been kept. Last week, some 81 percent of the loans made were refinancings, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

  • FedEx's weak outlook leaves stocks mixed

    Stock prices were mixed Tuesday after FedEx sharply reduced its fiscal-year profit forecast. FedEx's stock fell $2.73, or 3.1 percent, to close at $86.55.

  • Bernanke bump: Stocks rise early on Fed action

    Bernanke's announcement that the Federal Reserve would once again step in to help the lagging economic recovery is sending stocks to one of their best weeks since June. Bernanke and the Fed pledged to spend $40 billion on mortgage bonds to drive down long-term interest rates and push investors into stocks.

  • Retail sales get a boost from autos, gas prices

    Retail sales rose in August because consumers paid higher gas prices and bought more cars and trucks. Retail sales at general merchandise, clothing and electronic stores fell, suggesting that consumers are becoming more selective about spending.

  • Rising gas prices, car sales boost retail sales

    US retail sales rise as gas prices go up and consumers buy more cars. But consumers wary about other purchases.

  • Stocks rise in anticipation of Fed meeting

    Investors hope an upcoming Federal Reserve meeting will lead to a jump in stock prices. The average of 30 large company stocks has already gained 1.8 percent to start September, a month which is usually dismal for stocks.

  • New GDP numbers do Obama no favors

    American GDP grew a tepid 1.7 percent in the second quarter, suggesting a weak winter ahead.