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  • The PR challenge in Afghanistan: suicide bombing, Quran burning, and murky data

    The US and NATO continue to offer relentlessly optimistic reports. But they aren’t reversing the erosion of public confidence, and attacks like today's suicide bombing don't help.

  • Opinion Russian elections: Putin 4.0 at a crossroads

    After Russian elections on Sunday, expect what amounts to a fourth term for Putin. But Putin 4.0 faces a tough choice. His KGB officer instincts call for tightening the grip. But Russia's future – and thousands of protesters – demand greater freedom and reforms.

  • Terrorism & Security Reports: Netanyahu will push Obama hard on Iran

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly ratchet up the pressure when he meets with President Obama in Washington next week.

  • Opinion Obama must support India-Pakistan rapprochement

    Amid all the bad news, there is a bit of hope in South Asia: India and Pakistan have restarted their peace dialogue, with greater economic engagement. The Obama administration should reinforce this effort, which would help US security interests in the region, especially in Afghanistan.

  • No Child Left Behind loses bite as Obama issues waivers

    Many educators applaud the waivers from some parts of No Child Left Behind, saying the education-reform law has a one-size-fits-all approach. Others worry that minorities could suffer. 

  • Kim Dotcom: Are such Internet sensations pirates or hactivists?

    Copyright law and its enforcement have dominated the news lately, first with the Internet blackout protests against SOPA, and more recently with the arrest of Kim Dotcom in New Zealand. Here are five international file-share players who have been targets of copyright enforcement.

  • Global News Blog State of the Union speech, as heard by China, India, France, Israel...

    State of the Union coverage in the world's newspapers says as much about the specific concerns of other countries as it does about what President Obama actually said.

  • Gabrielle Giffords to attend State of Union before stepping down (+video)

    Gabrielle Giffords will attend President Obama's State of the Union Tuesday before resigning from Congress. Gabrielle Giffords vows to return to work for Arizona after her recovery.

  • Five major SOPA supporters

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act or PIPA, would allow the US government to seek a court order and even shut down websites that contain content or links “committing or facilitating online piracy.”  Moreover, advertisers and Internet service providers would be banned from doing business with violators.However, payment and advertising networks, search engines or service providers that take voluntary action to redress detected violations – by terminating businesses with transgressor sites or comply with the law – will be granted immunity from liability charges.On Sept. 22, 2011, more than 350 trade associations, professional and labor organizations, and businesses signed a letter urging Congress to enact legislation to stop “rogue sites” from copyright infringement.Here are five key SOPA and PIPA supporters:

  • Horizons SOPA blackout: How to get around the Wikipedia protest

    Wikipedia imposed a SOPA blackout today, redacting its English encyclopedia in protest of the US bill. Don't worry. Here are five ways to get around the blackout.