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  • Battle for women's votes: 6 flash points

    The uproar over the Obama campaign’s 'Life of Julia' Web infographic – which made #Julia big on Twitter – highlights just how fiercely both parties are fighting for the women’s vote. The economy is by far the most important issue in November for both sexes. But there are other areas with special significance to women. Here are the main flash points.

  • Paper Economy Construction spending improves. Slowly.

    On a month-to-month basis, total residential spending increased a slight 0.68 percent from February and rose 7.42 percent above the level seen in March 2011 while remaining a whopping 63.91 percent below the peak level seen in 2006.

  • Paper Economy New home sales drop 7.1 percent

    New home sales fell a steep 7.1 percent in March but rose 7.5 percent above last year's level.

  • Earth Day: Five ways we affect the planet

    The late Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D) of Wisconsin organized the first Earth Day in 1970 after the devastating oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. The event started as an environmental teach-in, with some 20 million Americans taking part on college campuses across the United States. Today, 500 million people in 175 countries observe Earth Day on April 22 as a way to celebrate the natural world and raise awareness of the environment. How much do humans affect the earth? Click below to find out.

  • Paper Economy Retail sales increase

    Retail sales increased 0.8 percent from February, and 6.5 percent on a year over year basis. 

  • Brazil's President Rousseff meets with Obama: 5 topics for talks

    As the two largest economies in the Western Hemisphere, Brazil and the US have a lot of shared interests, but there are still areas of contention. Here are 5 possible topics on today's presidential agenda:

  • 1940 Census data: A treasure trove for con artists?

    Data from the 1940 census, released Monday, has excited Americans looking for more information about their heritage. But the information could also help identity thieves.

  • 1940 Census data: what you need to know to look up relatives

    Monday's release of 1940 Census data sets off frenzy to dig into records on family past, crashing the website. When it comes back online, you'll need to know a few basics.

  • Paper Economy Construction spending goes flat

    On a month-to-month basis, total residential spending increased a slight 0.03 percent from January and rose 5.59 percent above the level seen in February 2011, while remaining a whopping 63.56 percent below the peak level seen in 2006.

  • 1940 census records have over 20 million still alive today

    1940 census: Information released Monday shows that more than 21 million US citizens who participated in the census over 70 years ago are still alive this year.