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  • Mark Kelly: After Navy Yard shooting, gun laws will protect people and gun rights

    In the wake of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, Gabby and I ask lawmakers to back broadly accepted ideas – such as expanding background checks – that address gun violence and still protect gun owners. The two aims are not mutually exclusive.

  • 10 best books of August 2013, according to Amazon's editors

    What are the best titles for the final days of summer? Check out Amazon's picks.

  • Star Trek: The Original Series: The 10 greatest episodes (+ video)

    Star Trek: The Original Series first aired 46 years ago Friday, and Google is marking the occasion with an elaborate, interactive doodle that includes a number of Trek tropes, including a doomed redshirt, a chief communications officer in soft-focus, a bulkhead full of tribbles, a generic rocky planet, and a whole lot of blinking and beeping and flashing lights.The doodle is based on a first-season episode titled 'The Arena,' in which Captian Kirk is transported to a planet that looks suspiciously like the outskirts of Los Angeles, where he must face off against a reptilian humanoid. By our calculations, 'The Arena' was the 17th greatest episode. Here are our top ten:

  • Book club alert: 3 great novels for summer reading

    Book club alert: 3 great novels for summer reading

    From Dodge City to Shanghai to a summer home in Maine, here are three of our favorite fiction recommendations for good summer reading.