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  • How payroll tax gridlock in Congress finally came unstuck

    A deal to prolong the payroll tax cut has also paved the way for Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits and the Medicare 'doc fix' to the end of the year. 

  • Congress to vote on $1 trillion bill to fund government 9 more months

    The House and Senate are set to vote Friday on a huge omnibus bill to fund government for the rest of fiscal 2012. Unemployment insurance and payroll tax cut are still up in the air. 
    12/16/2011 10:56 am

  • Senate vote: first step toward dismantling No Child Left Behind

    A Senate panel votes to drop a signature provision of No Child Left Behind, the Bush-era education reform. The new law would eliminate the mandate for 'adequate yearly progress.'
    10/21/2011 04:22 pm

  • Can new No Child Left Behind law pass before 2012 elections?

    A new No Child Left Behind bill is finally getting a hearing in the Senate Wednesday – after three years of sitting in limbo. The bill has bipartisan support, and plenty of detractors.
    10/19/2011 01:12 pm

  • Relief ahead for states from No Child Left Behind law, but with strings

    States can be excused from some certain requirements of No Child Left Behind, the US education reform law, the Obama administration said Monday. But it wants them to adopt different reforms.
    08/08/2011 05:38 pm

  • Education secretary tells Congress: Change No Child Left Behind – or I will

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan says time is running out to reauthorize No Child Left Behind. If Congress doesn't move soon, he said he'll take matters into his own hands.
    06/13/2011 08:36 pm

  • Why House conservatives are offering fresh plan on federal debt

    Reeling from the reaction to Rep. Paul Ryan's proposal to reform Medicare, an influential group of House Republicans offers an alternative plan to lock in spending and rein in the federal debt.
    06/06/2011 09:27 pm

  • For-profit colleges: Great deal for taxpayers. But for students?

    For-profit colleges leave students with too much debt, some in Washington are saying. Even though graduates of for-profit colleges might have huge loans to repay, they are a good deal for taxpayers, a recent study says.
    06/01/2011 03:56 pm

  • Can Obama, Congress meet minds to revamp No Child Left Behind?

    A new version of No Child Left Behind may target only the bottom 5 percent of schools for intervention. For most schools, mandates based on student test scores would be rolled back.
    01/20/2011 03:23 pm

  • Top 10 senators seeking earmarks

    Senate leaders decided to scrap a 1,900-page omnibus spending bill that contained $8 billion in home state spending projects – otherwise known as earmarks, pet projects, or "pork." Government spending and the deficit became an issue in the midterm election, and lawmakers are keenly aware of voter anger about large, catch-all bills that are quickly passed. The following senators have been ranked by the monetary value of earmarks they backed, whether alone or with others, in the now-scuttled omnibus spending bill. The earmark process became more transparent with the 2006 Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, which required creation of a database of all government spending. The watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense used the database to compile this ranking. Sen. Tom Coburn (R) of Oklahoma, who co-sponsored the legislation, also has a list of the disclosed earmarks in the omnibus bill on his website. *This is the amount requested both alone and with other members of Congress.
    12/17/2010 06:52 pm

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