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  • Obama spotlights new Medicare study in the Sunshine State

    A new study found that health care costs would rise for future Medicare recipients under Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's plan. President Barack Obama will focus on the study's numbers as he campaigns for reelection in Florida. 

  • Obama calls GOP 'dead wrong' for saying US in decline

    President Barack Obama offered an optimistic message on the campaign trail in Florida. He said America, diverse and talented, is still on top, and promised to reduce the deficit without harming the middle class. 

  • When do budget cuts go too deep?

    The Republican National Convention and Hurricane Issac spotlight a conundrum for the GOP, reducing the size of the government sounds good until the waters start rising.

  • Ann Romney praises Mitt: The 'man America needs' (+video)

    At the Republican National Convention on Tuesday in what she called 'the biggest speech' of her life, Mrs. Romney told voters 'you can trust Mitt.' Her husband, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, will speak at the convention on Thursday.

  • Isaac surges as GOP convention begins (+video)

    Despite strengthening Tropical Storm Isaac on its way to New Orleans, the Republican National Convention began Monday. Delegates differed in their opinions of how the storm might impact the convention. 

  • Santorum takes Kansas in a rout, Romney strong in Wyoming

    Rick Santorum's strong win in the Kansas caucuses Saturday will give him most of the delegates there. Now it's on to primary elections in Alabama and Mississippi next Tuesday.

  • Caucuses in Kansas, Wyoming next for GOP hopefuls

    Mitt Romney aims to add to his substantial lead in the delegate count, but Rick Santorum is strong in Kansas. All the Republican presidential candidates are concentrating on Tuesday's primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.