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Topic: The Levant

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  • Greek 'island of the blind'? More like 'island of welfare cheats'

    On a Greek island, at least 600 are suspected of falsely claiming to be blind to get disability money. It's part of the rampant fraud that prompted Athens to halt payments to 200,000 last week.

  • Opinion The danger that Saudi Arabia will turn Syria into an Islamist hotbed

    A tentative UN-brokered ceasefire does not settle Western concerns over Saudi intervention in Syria. While the US and its allies are wary of seeing Syria become a sectarian battleground, the power brokers in Riyadh seem to have been hurtling toward it – with a form of state-sponsored jihad.

  • Bomb explodes near another security complex in Syria

    The blast, possibly from a car bomb, killed two and wounded 30 in Aleppo, Syria. A series of bombs have targeted security installations in recent months as the regime battles an uprising. 

  • A Line in the Sand

    An unsettling history of British and French machinations in the Mideast.

  • US: Assad's Syria a 'dead man walking'

    The State Department official, Frederic Hof, told Congress on Wednesday that Assad's repression may allow him to hang on to power but only for a short time.
    12/14/2011 06:16 pm

  • Global News Blog Good Reads: Is the Palestinians' quest for statehood doomed? (video)

    Mahmoud Abbas says he will seek the UN Security Council and General Assembly's recognition for a Palestinian state, despite opposition from the US – and the doubts of some Palestinians.
    09/19/2011 10:53 am

  • Opinion How Saudi Arabia can contain Iran – and other benefits from Syria's turmoil

    Saudi Arabia is facing its biggest foreign policy obstacle (and opportunity) yet – one whose outcome matters deeply to the US. How the kingdom handles Syrian turmoil will determine its leadership standing in the region and its containment of Iran.
    08/31/2011 12:35 pm

  • Opinion For Arab and Jew, a new beginning

    After generations of strife, the holy land yearns for people with heart and vision to think in a different way, to heal in a new way, and to make real the vision for a just peace.
    04/21/2011 12:02 pm

  • Opinion US and Iran could become strategic allies – with India's help

    Tighter sanctions and military threats haven't swayed Iran over its nuclear program. What the West really needs is genuine rapprochement – the kind that India is especially suited to facilitate.
    02/20/2011 07:05 am

  • Countries in the Middle East where the 'winds of change' are blowing

    Those who said that "winds of change" were blowing through the Middle East were right. The past two months have seen a series of stunning political shifts that began with Tunisians' ousting of their former president in mid-January. Tunis and Cairo's cries, first of first anger and then of jubilation, have been beamed into living rooms across the region and are now reverberating along the North African coast, through the Gulf, and up into the Levant. Here is a look at where those "winds of change" are taking us. (Editor's note: This is an updated version of a story that originally ran on Feb. 2 and will be continually updated.)
    02/16/2011 11:31 am

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