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  • Gallery Best and worst cities to live in

    BAGHDAD: Mercer’s 2010 annual quality of life survey of 221 cites ranked the Iraqi capital as the worst place in the world to live, and the ongoing war and sectarian violence likely weighed heavily in this rating. A lack of security and political stability continue to undermine Baghdad’s quality of living, Mercer found. Iraqi people, seen here through a shrapnel hole, walk past the site of a car bomb in Baghdad on May 13 after an explosion ripped through a popular cafe the night before.

  • Gallery Top uprisings of the past decade

    ARAB SPRING - 2010, Tunisia - The wave of protests still sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa began in Tunisia in response to a young man's self-immolation to protest police corruption and violence. The uprisings spread to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and continues in Syria. Here, protesters stand atop a police vehicle in front of the prime minister's office during a demonstration in downtown Tunis, Tunisia, January 21, 2011.

  • Opinion Georgia President Saakashvili: Russian hostility won't sap our commitment to democracy

    Mikheil Saakashvili says Russian hostility has helped turn Georgia into a democratic laboratory for the region, and argues that true security cannot be separated from democracy.

  • Georgia opposition leader slams Russian invasion hoax in interview

    Georgia opposition leader slams Russian invasion hoax in interview

    Nino Burdzhanadze told the Monitor she believes that Saakashvili ordered the Russian invasion hoax to sow anti-Russia panic and tar Georgia's opposition, which has been calling for his resignation for more than a year.

  • Russian invasion hoax has Georgia opposition in uproar

    Terrorism & Security Russian invasion hoax has Georgia opposition in uproar

    A fake TV report in Georgia that claimed a Russian invasion was in progress and that President Mikhael Saakashvili had been killed has drawn fury from citizens and the political opposition.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 02/25

    A protester burns a Russian national flag in front of Parliament during a rally in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the Soviet occupation of Georgia in 1921.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 02/23

    A model displays a Fall/Winter 2010 design by Carlos Diaz during the Pasarela Cibeles fashion week in Madrid, Spain, on Tuesday.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 01/26

    Suspected Al Qaeda members sit behind bars at the state security court in Sanaa, Yemen, on Tuesday. The court sentenced seven alleged Al Qaeda men to jail terms ranging from five to ten years over plots to carry out bombing attacks against Western tourists in the country.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 01/07

    Afghan refugees are reflected in a small river while a man crosses it in a poor neighborhood in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Thursday.

  • Pragmatism spurs Russia and Georgia toward smoother relations

    Signs of a thaw between Russia and Georgia include the reopening of one border post on the major Caucasus highway and a possible move to resume direct air links. Relations between Russia and Georgia behave been in a freeze since last year's war over breakaway Georgian territories.