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  • Ron Paul effectively ends presidential campaign

    The Texas congressman and libertarian favorite is still urging supporters to argue for his principles.

  • JPMorgan Chase: Loss to force three executives to resign?

    JPMorgan Chase loss of $2 billion has caused Chief Investment Officer Drew to tender her resignation, a source says. Two of her subordinates involved in the JPMorgan Chase loss are also expected to resign.

  • Top 5 ways to save on your summer vacation

    If you're pining for a summer vacation but worried about costs, consider how Wayne and Pat Dunlap of Del Mar, Calif., managed to tour 51 countries over two years, marvel at the Egyptian pyramids, scale a New Zealand glacier, and visit Laotian Buddhist monks all for less than $100 a day. "We often stayed at guesthouses and hostels, ate at local family restaurants, took public transportation, and in some cases, traveled on cruise ships offering reduced rates," says Mr. Dunlap, author of the travel book "Plan Your Escape." This year amid price worries and higher summer airfares, especially to Europe such ingenuity could prove essential. Here are five cost-cutting strategies that can help:

  • Decoder Buzz Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter (+video)

    When Ron Paul delegates show up at the Republican National Convention in August, they may be strong enough to throw the event into disarray – just at the moment Mitt Romney needs to show the GOP united behind him.

  • Ron Paul wins big in Maine and Nevada

    Ron Paul’s presidential strategy is working – at least it did in Maine and Nevada this weekend, where he won the most number of delegates at state party conventions.

  • Should Mitt Romney worry about Ron Paul?

    Mitt Romney is way ahead of Ron Paul in the delegate count. But Paul's enthusiastic forces have been effective in controlling state party apparatus, and this could impact the GOP convention.

  • Giant sinkhole forces Florida family to evacuate home (+video)

    A 100-foot diameter well-rounded sinkhole appeared outside the home of a family in Windermere, Fla., Thursday. The sinkhole may still be expanding, so the family has moved out.

  • Cleveland anarchists' getaway plan: a box full of thumbtacks

    Five men were arrested Monday for an alleged conspiracy to blow up a bridge near Cleveland. Their purported discussions about their plans are detailed in a 22-page affidavit.

  • Gingrich out, will endorse Romney

    The former Speaker is likely to appear with Romney next week at a campaign event to make a formal endorsement.

  • Tuesday night wins make it official: Romney is the nominee

    Romney swept Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Pennsylvania, and is expected to win New York shortly.