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  • Energy Voices Thorium: a safer nuclear power

    In the same month as the Three Mile Island and Fukushima nuclear disasters, China announces it is speeding up its research into so-called molten salt reactors that can run on thorium.  If it succeeds, it would create a cheaper, more efficient, and safer form of nuclear power that produces less nuclear waste than today's uranium-based technology.

  • C.S. Lewis: A Life

    On the 50th anniversary of his death, this new C.S. Lewis biography succeeds in deepening the appeal of his works.

  • Readers Write: Conservatives can't compromise; Retirement is for cheap learning

    Letters to the Editor for the weekly print issue of June 18, 2012: How can a conservative compromise with a position that is totally against his or her own political, economic, and social philosophy? An important option for one's retirement years is learning stuff, at a low cost.

  • Upfront Blog Fowl weather report

    This is not Big Important News -- no economic meltdowns or international showdowns. It's just a note about a new generation of backyard chickens trying to fit in.

  • Life Sentences: Literary Judgments and Accounts

    In 'Life Sentences,' author and critic William H. Gass entrances the reader with his lilting prose and skilled literary criticism.

  • Chapter & Verse Poet John Burnside wins the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry

    John Burnside the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry in a year when two poets withdrew over objections to the competition's sponsor.

  • Midnight in Paris: movie review

    Midnight in Paris: movie review

    Woody Allen’s latest film, 'Midnight in Paris,' delivers his trademark wit and some retrofantasy set in an idyllic Paris.

  • Classic review: Bob Dylan in America

    Classic review: Bob Dylan in America

    Sean Wilentz's study of enigmatic music icon Bob Dylan is at once a time-hopping biography; a catalog of Dylan’s myriad, eclectic influences; and a primer on American music.

  • Bob Dylan in America

    Bob Dylan in America

    Bob Dylan was not so much a sponge as an alchemist, taking common materials and creating new art.

  • Classic review: Blake

    Classic review: Blake

    Peter Ackroyd's biography of William Blake is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand the last great English religious poet to date.