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  • Alternative to Davos: Camping in the Brazilian rain

    Alternative to Davos: Camping in the Brazilian rain

    Brazil’s first working-class president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, got a hero’s welcome at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Tuesday. He wowed 10,000 leftists with a vow to reproach the planet’s business titans in Davos, Switzerland. Venezuela's Hugo Chávez won't attend.

  • Global Viewpoint China vs. America: Which government model will triumph?

    If the 20th century was about the competition between democracy and totalitarianism, the 21st century pits the excesses of consumer democracy against capable governance with too little democratic accountability.

  • Haiti economy shows signs of life after earthquake

    Haiti economy shows signs of life after earthquake

    Across Port-au-Prince, indicators of a renascent economy after the Haiti earthquake are unmistakable: bustling street markets, reopened clothing shops, and long lines at cellphone providers, remittance-receiving agencies, and banks.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 01/21

    Unda, a rescue dog, digs into a hiding place during an avalanche search and rescue drill in Nendaz in the Valais region. The Swiss French police forces train once a year to coordinate the involvement of different units in avalanche rescues.

  • In Pictures Snowboarding

    American Lindsey Jacobellis catches air en route to winning the Olympic test event last year at Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver, British Columbia. In the snowboard cross and X-Games world in which she resides, Jacobellis is the most dominant figure in her sport.

  • In Pictures Skeleton

    Luge athlete Mellisa Hollingsworth, shown here while on a training run at the Whistler course, has the potential to win Canada’s first Olympic gold medal on home soil. USA Luge was miffed that Canada didn't honor an unwritten reciprocity agreement under which the neighbors have given each other extra training runs since the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid.

  • In Pictures Freestyle skiing

    American Patrick Deneen skis to a fourth-place finish in the 2010 men's moguls freestyle World Cup at Cypress mountain in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Mogul skiers aim to traverse the bumpy slope as quickly as possible while performing two jumps on the way down.

  • In Pictures Curling

    New Zealand's Hans Frauenlob aims the stone during a preliminary round curling match against the United States at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

  • In Pictures Bobsled

    A German four-man team bolts to a first place finish at a recent World Cup, with Americans taking silver and bronze.

  • In Pictures Alpine skiing

    Errol Kerr, who will represent Jamaica at the Vancouver Olympics, finishes a practice run in Alpine Meadows, Calif. Kerr, a Jamaican-American dual citizen, could win Jamaica’s first Winter Olympic medal.