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  • Editorial Board Blog Should the US attack Iran? Monitor Facebook fans speak out.

    The views on 'what to do with Iran' are heated. Monitor Facebook fans reacted to two recent opeds: '5 reasons the US should attack Iran' and '5 reasons the US should avoid war with Iran.' We've culled some of the best responses here.

  • Opinion Ex-CIA spy: Iran's miscalculation over war

    Leading Iranians are criticizing the regime, including its war-like provocation and the foreign sanctions aimed at its nuclear program. One Revolutionary Guard commander calls Iran's war threats 'the same stupidity' and miscalculation that preceded the Iran-Iraq war.

  • How Iran could beat up on America's superior military

    America's defense budget is roughly 90 times bigger than Iran's. But Iran has a well-honed strategy of asymmetric warfare.

  • 5 countries with the longest ongoing US sanctions

    Sanctions are once again leading the news with trade embargoes tightening around Iran and debates over whether to loosen US restrictions on Cuba and Myanmar. 

  • Opinion Five reasons to attack Iran

    Sanctions against Iran are tightening, including Europe’s ban on oil imports. Tehran is highly unlikely to reach a negotiated agreement over its nuclear program, says Matthew Kroenig, a Stanton Nuclear Security fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations believes. In the choice between Iran having nuclear weapons and a US military strike to prevent that, a strike is the least bad option. Here Mr. Kroenig gives five reasons the US should attack Iran.

  • Stocks close mixed following Greek debt talks

    The S&P 500 index eked out a tiny gain Monday while traders kept an eye on talks in Europe to cut Greece's crushing debt load, but other indexes ended slightly lower. The Dow fell 11 points to close at 12708.

  • Iran angry over EU unity on oil embargo

    Iran's currency nosedived today as the EU approved an oil embargo to take effect in July. The rial has lost half its value since October.

  • EU bans buying oil from Iran: How will Iran respond?

    Iran threatened a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz in response to a new European Union ban on oil from Iran. Iran says it's considering an immediate shut off of oil to Europe.

  • Regime change: How fear of Iran nukes, and campaign politics, revived the call

    A tough-talking debate over pursuing regime change is all the rage again, this time focused on Iran. But proponents say they prefer economic sanctions to military force as the main lever. 

  • Opinion 5 reasons US must avoid war with Iran

    Do the drumbeaters calling for ‘war with Iran’ never learn from history? It is tempting to dismiss their hot air as an attempt to score political points, but its sheer volume is worrying. Two former US hostages in Iran, L. Bruce Laingen and John Limbert, say Obama must ignore the war talk, and offer five key points for Washington to keep in mind.