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  • In Pictures The Hermanator Experience

    Radio personality Herman Cain takes the stage to address the Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC) in Washington, on Feb. 11. Mr. Cain is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather Pizza and hails from Atlanta. He briefly ran for President in 2000, and ran for Senate in 2004. In September, Cain won a surprise victory in a Republican presidential straw poll in Florida, beating rival Rick Perry.

  • Opinion The cost of a Putin presidency 2.0 in Russia

    When Putin returns to the presidency next year, it will mean stability in Russia. But that comes at a cost – stagnation, as Russia groans under autocracy, corruption, cronyism, and social ills. The US must be realistic about Russia's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Rare crocodile found by Florida woman

    Rare crocodile found by Florida woman

    Rare crocodile: The shy and reclusive animals are so rare in central or northern Florida that a wildlife official didn't initially believe Shondra Farner when she called to report the crocodile on the bank of a lake in a gated community in St. Petersburg.

  • Stocks plunge on fears of a 'full-blown recession'

    Stocks plunge on fears of a 'full-blown recession'

    Stocks fell sharply on a variety of factors – from a pessimistic Federal Reserve to reports that Europe might be headed for a recession. But falling stocks don't guarantee a recession is coming.

  • Global News Blog Good Reads: An Afghan periled, a Pakistani reporter killed, and journalism after 9/11

    Among the legacies of 9/11 is a more dangerous world for journalists and civilians working in conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Here are a few stories that tell of the growing risks.

  • Global markets fall, US markets recover, leaving investors jittery

    Global markets fall, US markets recover, leaving investors jittery

    Global markets fell for the eighth day on Friday, while the US markets recovered from Thursday's plummet. As global markets drop, fear grows that the global economy could slip into another recession.

  • In Pictures Portable pooches

    When packing for an adventure near or far, some people won't go anywhere without their best friend. Ann Watts carries a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix named 'Shanti' in her backpack for a bike ride along the water at Oceanside Harbor in Oceanside, Calif., in 2006.

  • Top 5 conservative holidays

    Top 5 conservative holidays

    Commemorating a day to call attention to a political cause has long been a tactic of liberals and those further out on the left. For instance, there's Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Earth Day, Gay Pride Day, May Day, and so on. Conservatives, by contrast, have largely stuck to fighting battles over the "true meaning" of traditional holidays observed by people of all political stripes, such as Christmas, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Still, conservatives have tried to come up with holidays to tout, with varying degrees of success. Here are our top five:

  • US economy 'has barely budged': 1.3 percent growth in GDP

    US economy 'has barely budged': 1.3 percent growth in GDP

    The GDP grew at an annual rate of only 1.3 percent in the second quarter of 2011, announces the Commerce Department, which also revised first-quarter growth down to 0.4 percent.

  • Opinion Why a Gen Y guy is begging to raise his Social Security retirement age

    With a down economy, the majority of the Millennial generation has nothing saved for retirement. But they’re also most at risk for not getting Social Security payments later in life. Raising the retirement age would help ensure that something is left for them.