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  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/22

    In this enhanced false color view of Saturn, the northern region is marked by a multitude of bright, patchy clouds. The region south of the ring shadows contains the bright equatorial band seen in many monochrome Cassini spacecraft images taken at infrared wavelengths.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/21

    Photographers gather to cover space shuttle Discovery as it sits on launch pad 39A after making the trip from the vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Sept. 21.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/15

    Astronaut Dale A. Gardner, getting his turn in the Manned Maneuvering Unit, prepares to dock with the spinning WESTAR VI satellite during the STS-51A mission in 1985. Gardner used a large tool called the Apogee Kick Motor Capture Device to enter the nozzle of a spent WESTAR VI engine and stabilize the communications spacecraft sufficiently to capture it for return to Earth in the cargo bay of the space shuttle Discovery.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/08

    Solar Probe Plus will plunge directly into the sun’s atmosphere at approximately 4 million miles from the sun’s surface into a region that no other spacecraft has ever encountered. The spacecraft folds its solar panels into the shadows of its protective solar shade, leaving just enough of the specially-angled panels in sunlight to provide power closer to the Sun.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/07

    This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image captures the tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7,500 light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation Carina.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 09/02

    This satellite image, photographed by an Expedition 24 crew member on the International Space Station on Aug. 30, shows an oblique view of the eye of Hurricane Earl centered just north of the Virgin Islands, packing 115-kilometer winds. The photo was taken with a digital still camera using a 50mm lens. Hurricane Earl gained more punch on September 2, 2010 as the large storm churned up the Atlantic threatening the U.S. East Coast with dangerous winds and large swells and forcing evacuations in North Carolina.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/27

    Is the heart and soul of our Galaxy located in Cassiopeia? Possibly not, but that is where two bright emission nebulas nicknamed Heart and Soul can be found. The Heart Nebula, officially dubbed IC 1805, is visible in the above right. The above image was taken in infrared light by the recently launched WISE telescope.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/19

    The ground-based image of Comet 17P/Holmes was taken November 1, 2007, by astrophotographer Alan Dyer. The observations were made in southern Alberta, Canada.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/18

    A reproduction of a portion of the lunar surface was constructed on the concrete pad where the Lunar Excursion Module Simulator (LEMS) was tested at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. The LEMS was a manned rocket-powered vehicle used to familiarize the Apollo astronaut with the handling characteristics of a lunar-landing type vehicle. The vehicle was designed and fabricated at Langley.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/17

    This is an artist's concept depicting a possible scene when the first human travelers might walk on the surface of Mars. The artwork was part of a NASA new initiatives study which surveyed possible future manned planetary expeditionary activity.