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  • Zombie bees: Fly parasite causes zombie-like stupor

    The researchers also discovered fly pupae near dead bees at the bottom of their laboratory hive, suggesting that A. borealis can multiply within a hive and potentially infect a pregnant queen bee.

  • Almost President

    Why some of the candidates who lost the race for president ultimately had a bigger impact than many of those who won.
    12/21/2011 06:05 am

  • Obama welcomes home troops from Iraq

    In his Saturday radio address, President Obama said US troops returning from Iraq offer lessons about the nation's character. In their address, Republicans said troops are most concerned about finding a good job.
    12/17/2011 11:09 am

  • NTSB begs states to ban driver cellphone use. Where do they stand now?

    The NTSB urged a cell phone ban for drivers Tuesday. But some states only have minimal rules on electronic devices in cars, and debate continues over safety of hands-free talking.
    12/14/2011 01:49 pm

  • Election 101: What's the Republican primary calendar for 2012?

    Now that New Hampshire has set its primary for Jan. 10, the 2012 political calendar is largely set. Both political parties select their presidential nominees through state primaries and caucuses, with candidates amassing delegates as they go. Under Republican Party rules, a candidate needs 1,212 delegates to win the nomination. That’s half, plus one, of the total 2,422 delegates.
    11/02/2011 05:23 pm

  • Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan: What would your sales tax be?

    Herman Cain has vaulted into the top tier of GOP presidential candidates with his 9-9-9 tax plan, which would create a new 9 percent federal sales tax. But consumers would have to pay that sales tax on top of existing state and local sales taxes. Here are figures from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation that look at the total sales taxes in every state, adding up the state sales tax, a statewide average of the various local sales-tax rates, and the 9-9-9 federal sales tax.
    10/16/2011 05:12 pm

  • Herman Cain 9-9-9 sticker shock? 18% sales tax possible in some states.

    Under the Herman Cain 9-9-9 tax plan, a new federal sales tax would be added on top of existing state and local sales taxes. That means 9-9-9 could yield large sales taxes in some places.
    10/14/2011 06:51 pm

  • Green Economics Texas cattle ranchers adapt to climate change

    Cattle farmers in Texas are moving their herds north, to greener pastures.
    10/11/2011 11:00 am

  • Columbus Day: What's open, what's closed, what's happening?

    On Columbus Day, many Americans observe Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World, which the explorer himself mistakenly thought was India. True, it's not the most exciting holiday on the calendar. It's not even observed in every state, which means Columbus Day comes with a lot of gray area about practical matters, such as who's working and who's not. Here's your practical guide to Columbus Day.
    10/10/2011 12:42 pm

  • Keystone XL pipeline pits jobs against the environment

    The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would bring Canadian oil to the Gulf of Mexico. Supporters say it would mean 20,000 jobs. Opponents worry about the impact on the vast Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies water to eight states.
    10/01/2011 03:42 pm

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