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  • The Simple Dollar Society's hands are here to help

    In a week filled with debates around Obamacare and government shutdowns, Hamm encourages Americans to take pride in the fact that we live in a community and a nation that provides supportive programs such as food stamps and Social Security for people who want to survive and thrive. 

  • Debt ceiling 101: 12 questions about what's going on

    The US Treasury has warned that as early as Oct. 17 it will no longer be able to cover all the government's rising financial obligations. Here’s your guide to the debt limit deadline and its implications.

  • The Simple Dollar How to run a background check

    Background checks are an absolutely vital part of the process of finding a roommate or hiring someone. Many of the steps you can take are things you can do on your own for free, but a professional service can often do a deeper job.

  • Five bipartisan fixes for US debt crisis

    Whether in the coming weeks or later, the US s going to have to grapple with its long-term debt challenge. We at the Bipartisan Policy Center suggest these five solutions – stemming from the work of prominent leaders, Republicans and Democrats – to address US debt.

  • Obamacare glitches: why they might help end government shutdown

    Obamacare glitches show that the program will collapse, some tea partyers say. So the better strategy in the government shutdown gambit is to push Obama on tax and entitlement reform.

  • Federal shutdown won't save taxpayers money. It will cost them. (+video)

    If Congress does not agree upon a funding bill by midnight tonight, the government will enter a partial shutdown. Though government offices and programs close and many federal workers are furloughed in a shutdown, loss of tax dollars and a backlog in government services could cost the government, not save it. 

  • Government shutdown 101: 12 ways it could affect you

    With Congress failing to fund the federal government by Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year, the government has gone into partial shutdown. Here is a list of what's open, and what isn't, during the shutdown.

  • The Simple Dollar Don't fear the 401(k)

    Some workers won't sign up for a company-sponsored 401(k) because they don't understand it, or they're afraid of taking home less pay. That's a huge mistake.  

  • Obama: Deficits falling at fastest rate since WWII. Is that true?

    In a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis, President Obama claims credit for cutting the deficit in half. But one reason it fell so fast is that it shot up so high in the first place.

  • Tax VOX Eight in ten U.S. households pay Social Security and Medicare taxes

    New estimates released by the Tax Policy Center show the number of Social Security and Medicare taxpayers is growing. Even among those households that will not pay federal income tax this year, the majority will still owe Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes.