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Topic: Silvio Berlusconi

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  • Silvio Berlusconi's political fight is going down to the wire

    Flamboyant Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is desperately marshaling support ahead of two parliamentary votes that could see him ousted from office Tuesday.
    12/13/2010 10:35 am

  • Editor's Blog WikiLeaks: A trivial gain, a profound loss

    We know more about the world after the WikiLeaks dump. But because trust and confidentiality are essential in diplomacy, we'll soon know less.
    12/05/2010 03:17 pm

  • Pompeii collapse affects 2 ancient walls, UNESCO inspecting damage

    Pompeii collapse: Officials sought to play down the latest collapses, saying they only concerned the upper parts of two walls that had no artistic value.
    12/01/2010 02:36 pm

  • WikiLeaks 101: Five questions about who did what and when

    The WikiLeaks controversy pits one hallowed purpose of US government – preventing security threats from abroad – against another, that of protecting constitutional rights of expression by the media and individuals. Striking that balance has become difficult in an age of the Internet hackers, bloggers, self-appointed public policy watchdogs, and thousands of online “publications” marked by ideology and attitude. So far, WikiLeaks has released more than 700,000 sensitive or classified documents about US military and diplomatic activity – 92,000 on the war in Afghanistan, 392,000 on the Iraq war, and now nearly 250,000 diplomatic cables that US officials say are damaging to foreign relations and intelligence operations. Within weeks, WikiLeaks says, it’ll release inside information on business interests – starting with a major American bank. WikiLeaks 101 is your guide to understanding what happened. Here are answers to five key questions.
    12/01/2010 11:42 am

  • WikiLeaks documents: five world leaders disparaged by US diplomats

    World leaders smile and back-slap like old friends at summit meeting photo-ops. But behind the bonhomie they may be judging each other’s strengths and weaknesses with the brutal candor of high school students sizing up rivals. The huge cache of diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks contain frank assessments of many top geopolitical players – and predictions as to how their personalities might affect US politics.
    11/29/2010 02:35 pm

  • WikiLeaks: Russians smell anti-Obama conspiracy

    In Russia, where spreading misinformation is integral to the political culture, the latest WikiLeaks release of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables is being seen as an attempt to smear President Obama.
    11/29/2010 02:28 pm

  • WikiLeaks: Leaked cables reveal the rough workings of diplomacy

    WikiLeaks gave some 250,000 confidential and secret diplomatic cables to several news outlets, which published them Sunday. The leaks could prove embarrassing and potentially dangerous.
    11/28/2010 04:47 pm

  • Why Italy's government may be on the brink of collapse

    In the wake of recent scandals, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faces an increasing number of political attacks. His government may soon not have enough parliamentary support to survive.
    11/10/2010 12:14 pm

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 10/22
  • Why Italy's trash wars are still smoldering

    Italy's garbage woes are resurfacing as one town near historic Pompeii protests a new trash dump and rubbish piles return to Naples.
    10/21/2010 11:05 am

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