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  • Facebook IPO: World's most expensive dog and pony show

    Facebook executives will make the rounds next week to convince fund managers and institutional investors that its initial public offering is worth $28 a share or more. With Facebook's valuing itself at up to $96 billion, it would be the biggest Web IPO ever.

  • Is it really cheaper to mine platinum from an asteroid? (+video)

    A new company backed by Silicon Valley billionaires and Hollywood moguls seeks to extract precious metals from asteroids. Is doing so really cheaper than mining metals on Earth?

  • Mom, the family columnist

    Her young son is aghast as his life begins to unspool in the local newspaper.

  • Tech stocks CEO summit: Can it solve Apple, Samsung patent dispute? (+video)

    Tech stocks giants ordered to have CEOs try to settle their bitter patent dispute. Like several tech stocks, Apple and Samsung are dueling over patents for mobile devices.   

  • Global News Blog Google, an underdog in Asia, lays plans for Taiwan data center

    Taiwan gets Internet traffic easily from the United States. I sits at the ends of undersea cables that extend directly from North America before branching off to other parts of Asia.

  • Fantasy football fans: Do you know where your favorite apps are made?

    Last season’s popular Facebook fantasy football app was developed in Karachi, Pakistan, a city known more for its chronic ethnic and sectarian bloodshed than football.

  • Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in new biopic

    'Two and a Half Men' star Ashton Kutcher will portray former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming indie film, TheWrap reported Monday. Is director Joshua Michael Stern taking a chance on Hollywood's favorite prankster?

  • ‘Mad Men’ fans count down to tonight’s fifth season premier

    Will ‘Mad Men’ protagonist Don Draper’s dark secret come to light? Will Peggy Olson keep breaking sexist barriers? Can Roger Sterling keep ‘living like he’s on shore leave?’ And will Pete and Trudy ever dance the Charleston again?

  • Global News Blog Tech firms cry foul in Taiwain

    High-tech firms in Taiwan say they developed numerous firsts like all-in-one PC computers that became market successes only after being rebranded in the United States, Japan, or South Korea.

  • 10 best cities to buy short sale homes

    Foreclosures are tough: Homeowners lose their houses and ruin their credit, while banks get stuck with vacant, deteriorating real estate for months before selling it at a considerable loss. Increasingly, banks are finding another way: the short sale. Instead of waiting to foreclose, a bank preemptively sells a home at a deep discount and closes out the underwater mortgage, even if the house sells for less than the value of the mortgage. The result: Homeowners shed their mortgage debt, and banks unload properties more quickly and inexpensively. Here are the Top 10 metropolitan areas with the biggest average discounts on these pre-foreclosure homes, according to online foreclosure marketplace RealtyTrac. Can you guess which city is No. 1?