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  • Energy Voices US energy future back in Obama's hands

    Throughout election 2012, President Obama has promoted an America dependent on a diverse energy portfolio, rather than the volatile global oil market. What does his reelection mean for energy?

  • Natural gas boom in US. Is Russia the big loser?

    Natural gas resurgence in the United States means lower natural gas prices, more potential for Europe to drill its own natural gas, and a rising threat to Russia's gas exports. 

  • National Plug In Day: Electric car fans push pedal to metal

    National Plug In Day celebrated the electric car in 60 cities over the weekend. Declared all but dead a short while ago, the electric car market is beginning to thrive. But can electric cars ever gain a meaningful foothold in the gas-dependent US auto industry? 

  • How tea party and its unlikely allies nixed Atlanta's transit tax

    The tea party partnered with local Sierra Club and NAACP officials to defeat a $7.2 billion referendum aimed at unsnarling Atlanta’s traffic. Voters voted no on the referendum by a margin of 63 percent.

  • India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior

    Some 600 million people lost electricity across India this week. The country relies on coal, which is neither helpful with peak power shortages, nor is regulated enough.

  • Upfront Blog Tracing America's green roots

    John Muir and Gifford Pinchot represent the two strains of environmentalism in the United States -- and most of us think like both of them. We want nature pristine and undisturbed, but we also rely on its resources and understand the need to use care in extracting them.

  • Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops

    Conservative criticism of alleged Girl Scouts policy on sexuality, birth control, and abortion pulls the organization back into the culture wars with an investigation by Catholic bishops. It's not the first time the girls have been caught in political crossfire.

  • EPA official resigns over 'crucify' flap

    Al Amerdariz, the top EPA official for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, has drawn fire for referring to Roman crucifixions in saying he'd make examples of environmental offenders.

  • Cover Story With all this natural gas, who needs oil?

    It's home-grown, plentiful, and touted as the best way to wean the US off Mideast oil. But there are limits to how far the US can tilt toward a natural gas economy. 

  • Natural gas: Should America export its surplus?

    A new liquefied natural gas export terminal in Louisiana just received federal approval. But the demand for more export permits has some industrial consumers worried they'll pay higher prices.

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Linda Rottenberg helps people pursue dreams – and create thousands of jobs

She's chief executive of Endeavor Global, a nonprofit group that gives a leg up to budding entrepreneurs.

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