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  • Apple pays $60 million to keep the iPad name

    Apple settled a lawsuit over the rights to the iPad name in China. The Chinese court says that Apple paid $60 million to Proview Technology.

  • Opinion West must try a 'third way' to change North Korea

    South Korea’s carrots and America's sticks have both failed to tame North Korea. There is another way. With a new regime and small, but positive changes stirring in North Korea, the international community should seize the chance and begin cultural exchanges with the North.

  • Stock market fallout from Spain downgrade? Quiet.

    Stock market reaction muted in Germany, France, Britain, and US. First estimate of US GDP in first quarter could sway stock market sentiment.

  • Stock market gets boost from earnings, Germany

    Stock market futures in US as well as exchanges across Europe buoyed by German business optimism, US earnings. German stock market up 1 percent. 

  • Stock market woe: high oil prices

    Stock market averages fall in Europe, Asia as high oil prices stoke worries that they could undercut economic recovery. Stock market in US set to open lower.

  • Xi Jinping in California: a glimpse of what China really wants

    Chinese president-in-waiting Xi Jinping will spend most of his two-day California trip highlighting the two things that, perhaps, the Chinese people admire most about the US: films and basketball. 

  • Electric vehicles entrepreneur from China stumbles in US

    Electric vehicles partsmaker has string of California projects delayed or canceled for lack of cash. But research center for electric vehicles and other green power is funded and operating.

  • Stock market divide: Asia down, Europe up

    Stock market indexes in Asia close lower on bad news out of Europe. But European stock market indexes rise on hopes for stronger US job data.

  • My 'Millennials' generation is busy reimagining a life of ethics

    Opinion My 'Millennials' generation is busy reimagining a life of ethics

    The Millennial Generation is less religious than either the boomers or even Gen-Xers were at our age. But don't be misled: Though we may go to church only on Christmas or celebrate Ramadan but skip the fasting, we are busily and earnestly engaged in reimagining the ethical life.

  • Top 10 sports biographies I wish somebody would write

    Top 10 sports biographies I wish somebody would write

    Call this a wish list to publishers. Of course it's true that’s there hardly any major sports star who hasn’t already achieved hardcover immortality a time or two or more. So why check back in with some already familiar sports luminaries? With the passage of time comes fresh perspectives on playing days, teammates, and rivals. And maybe even a little more honesty. So here goes, in no particular order: the Monitor’s Top 10 sports figures we’d put in the publishing on-deck circle.